Dear fellow citizens,


It is with great pleasure that we are launching such an important initiative for the city of Zenon, which we hope will boost and develop entrepreneurial innovation, and progressively help create jobs.

Larnaca has occasionally demonstrated the importance of innovative and pioneering businesses, especially in times of economic renaissance that took place in the midst of social and economic crises. Hence, global experience and the indisputable outcome in local society, impose that we offer institutional support to start-ups as a measure of recovery and social vigour.

The first "Entrepreneurship and Start-up Conference" will be held in Larnaca on December 7, as an initiative of the Municipality and in cooperation with the Youth Board of Cyprus and the Europe Direct Information Centre in Larnaca. This conference is expected to provide significant and useful information to participants on how to develop, fund, and market a start-up.

The main objective is to strengthen and to encourage the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in our city, to expand new vocational rehabilitation pathways for young people and to create new business opportunities. The conference will be attended by experienced market and academic executives from Israel, which has become a champion of innovation and start-ups worldwide.

Furthermore, in the context of the development of new innovated enterprises, Larnaca Municipality has established, in collaboration with the Youth Board of Cyprus, a space that will help young people mature their business ideas and develop or transform their business. Through the "Makerspace Youth Development Centre" that will be created, they will have access to free and specialized know-how, information and advice in their fields of interest, but also will find the support to venture in new and alternative paths for professional rehabilitation in order to bring out new business opportunities.

Through the website we have created, you can find useful information about the conference as well as the world of new business in our town. 

Our goal is to gradually create an integrated networking centre, to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience between businesses, researchers and creative people. 

Finally, I would like to thank all the sponsors and every individual and organisation who have contributed to this important initiative for our city.